Started in 1998, iTom was born out of a need for technology services for small to medium sized companies without having to pay for a full time employee. We began by offering trained and knowledgeable technicians to small to medium size companies on a daily, weekly or monthly basis to accomplish projects, resolve issues or any other tasks the company needed.

As technology evolved, it allowed us to better serve the clients by remotely accessing their PCs to resolve issues quicker without having to send someone onsite. We still offered the routine technician onsite appointment to work on projects or other task with the remote access to resolve the user’s issue to reduce downtime and increase productivity.

Our focus for technology services have changed from just resolving issues when they come up to a more proactive approach to reduce downtime and increase productivity by discovering potential issues before they become an issue that causes downtime. We also approach the security of a company proactively by examining the companies environment to determine any security issues and offer solutions to resolve these issues. We continue to evaluate the security infrastructure of a company to insure the company is protected against the latest threats.