Cyber Security

With online attacks becoming more and more prevalent, it even more important to protect your business from these attacks. Steps need to be taken to ensure your network and data are secure. Unauthorized access to email accounts and services has the most reported incidents followed closely by ransomware. Properly setting up your environment can help to protect you from these malicious attempts to attack your data or infrastructure. Phishing and spoofing emails have become a major attack vector that attempt to trick the end user in clicking on a link to enter in credentials or download and install an application to the user’s system. There have also been incidents of users transferring money to a third party because the email was spoofed to look like it came from the CEO/CFO or the owner of the company.

These attacks can have a negative affect on your business reputation which could lead to loss of business. So the necessity to protect your business from these types of attacks become even more important.

From protecting your network from intruders to training your end users how to detect malicious emails and websites and what to do when they encounter one, we have the solution. Contact iTom at 615.646.2121 or by email at